About Us

We can make Legacy Pharma the leading company in the country with good team work and by fully utilizing our skill and abilities. Through team work and dynamic leadership we are motivating our team while training and development is being employed for skills enhancement. Customer satisfaction is being ensured by providing quality product and services. For this purpose we have equipped ourselves with latest technologies and equipment and have adopted modern concept of management. Our focus is on research and development in order to prepare ourselves to face the future challenges it is a very competitive market. So we must prepare ourselves and work hard with determination toward achieving our goals. Let’s join hand and perform our task as per our assigned domain to make Legacy re onward and reliable name in pharmaceutical industry.


Legacy pharmaceutical has a state of the art production facilities designed to facilitate the production of the highest quality products. Our plant is located at the Peshawar industrial hub nearest to Afghanistan and central Asian counties. Legacy Pharmaceuticals adhere strictly to the principal of cGMP with its modernized production facilities efficient quality control, quality assurance industrial safety occupation health and environmental control system. Raw materials are sourced from globally renowned manufactures. These material are subjected to a demanding schedule for various testing procedure Production of quality product at the highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities is approved through regular inspection of regulatory authority.