We can make Legacy Pharma the leading company in the country with good team work and by fully utilizing our skill and abilities. Through team work and dynamic leadership we are motivating our team while training and development is being employed for skills enhancement. Customer satisfaction is being ensured by providing quality product and services. For this purpose we have equipped ourselves with latest technologies and equipment and have adopted modern concept of management. Our focus is on research and development in order to prepare ourselves to face the future challenges it is a very competitive market. So we must prepare ourselves and work hard with determination toward achieving our goals. Let’s join hand and perform our task as per our assigned domain to make Legacy re onward and reliable name in pharmaceutical industry.

Our Vision

The Legacy pharmaceuticals leadership has planned to lend pharmaceutical industry through proactive programs that reflect caring for the family of Legacy. Our team mates, our customers and those who provide services to Legacy Pharmaceuticals firm. To provide quality product with affordable price and to ensure the availability of the product to almost all target customer.


  • The quality policy of Legacy Pharmaceuticals is to follow strictly current good manufacturing practices which are designed to produce good quality medicine and make them affordable to those in needs.
  • At Legacy: it is a basic premise that quality is not merely conformance to specification it is infects building quality into the product in all stages of manufacturing in order to achieve the desired result within the required time frame.
  • Legacy quality system is based in the belief that there is always room for improvement and every member contribute toward achieving the highest standard of quality.

Our people and culture

The greatest job satisfaction for our associates is the knowledge that they continuously improve the quality of life for patient with increasing precision efficiency with penetrating sciences, creativity and innovation. Our performance oriented culture and responsible approach attract top professional in all areas like production, quality control, quality assurance, packaging and marketing & sales, finance, administration & human resource and technical operation.

Legacy Pharma is committed to rewarding the people who invest ideas and work in our company besides providing them with a healthy and friendly environment. Our people are willing to work with energy ignoring, time limitation. We have firm belief on the level of honesty of our worker and there such behavior has helped to reshape the corporate image of the company.